Information is Beautiful Awards 2022: The Winners

After a two-year pause in the Information is Beautiful Awards, the Data Visualization Society (DVS) has been delighted to work with the Information is Beautiful team to continue the spirit of celebrating excellence across the field of data visualization.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in reopening the Information is Beautiful Awards! We are very excited to announce the winners who took home trophies at tonight’s Awards ceremony.


2022 Special Category: Covid-19 Visualizations

GOLD WINNER: MTA Ridership Changes due to Covid-19 by Two-N

SILVER WINNER: Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing by Thomas Haas & Fidel Thomet

BRONZE WINNER: Stopping the spread by Reuters


Arts, Entertainment, & Culture

GOLD WINNER: Made to Measure by Studio NAND and The Group Laokoon

SILVER WINNER: What Spotify data show about the decline of English by The Economist

BRONZE WINNER: hong kong artists, women by Shirley Wu


Business Analytics

GOLD WINNER: The star of our work by Voilà:

SILVER WINNER: Metroverse - The Growth Lab’s Urban Economy Navigator by The Digital Development & Design Team at the Growth Lab at Harvard Kennedy School

BRONZE WINNER: HR Attrition Dashboard by Pradeep Kumar G


Current Affairs

GOLD WINNER: Culture in the Crosshairs by Australian Broadcasting Corporation

SILVER WINNER: The first 100 days of protests rocking Hong Kong by South China Morning Post

BRONZE WINNER: Rough Justice by Australian Broadcasting Corporation



GOLD WINNER: Abandoned at Sea by Kontinentalist

SILVER WINNER: Threatened Tribe by Reuters

BRONZE WINNER: Afghanistan20 by Accurat


Leisure, Games, & Sport

GOLD WINNER: Thunder Roads by Joey Cherdarchuk

SILVER WINNER: Animated Sport Results by Krisztina Szűcs

BRONZE WINNER: How You Play Spades is How You Play Life: Spades in the African-American Community by Gabrielle Ione Hickmon


People, Language, & Identity

GOLD WINNER: Gender and language by Reuters

SILVER WINNER: Sweet & Slim, Greasy & Grim: The Physical Traits that Define Men & Women in Literature by Erin Davis

BRONZE WINNER: The Shape of Dreams by Alberto Cairo, Federica Fragapane, Paolo Corti, and Simon Rogers


Places, Spaces, & Environment

GOLD WINNER: Anatomy of the Lismore disaster by the Sydney Morning Herald

SILVER WINNER: Western Monarch Butterfly Population Decline by Dipika Kadaba

BRONZE WINNER: Spain lives in flats: why we have built our cities vertically by


Science, Technology, & Health

GOLD WINNER: Degrees of Uncertainty by Neil Halloran and Andy Dollerson

SILVER WINNER: K-Means Clustering: An Explorable Explainer by Yi Zhe Ang

BRONZE WINNER: The perfect storm by Reuters



GOLD WINNER: Life under curfew by Social Justice Centre Working Group

SILVER WINNER: I am a book. I am a portal to the universe. by Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick

BRONZE WINNER: A Song of Crowns and Tears by Simon Huwiler


Rising Star

WINNER: Matthias Stahl


Impressive Individual

WINNER: SIORI KITAJIMA (HeartbeatsInformation and ViolencePulse of Love and Hate, Perspective)


Outstanding Studio

WINNER: Reuters

Stopping the Spread, The Perfect Storm, Gender and language, Hot and Humid Olympic Summer, Shifting Smoke, Air Attack: How California Uses Dozens of Aircraft to Battle Wildfires, New Normal: How Far is Safe Enough? and Threatened Tribe


Exemplary Book

WINNER: Data Sketches by Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu


Test of Time

WINNER: D3, credited to creators Mike Bostock, Jason Davies, and Philippe Rivière


Community Leader

WINNER: Alli Torban


Most Beautiful

WINNER: hong kong artists, women by Shirley Wu


Community Vote

WINNER: Lumos Maxima by Kirti Vardhan Rathore


Thank you to our judging panel, committee volunteers, and sponsors, for this year’s Awards could not have been possible without you.

We hope to see everyone again for next year’s Awards!

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